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Watercolorcourses in Koh Lanta Thailand.
Have you ever dreamed of taking a painting course in the tropics?
Here is your chance.

Spring 2024

Also offer private courses and courses for children!


A warm welcome to the Watercolor course.

Place: Slow Down Lanta

 398 Moo 3, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150

I started painting watercolor as late as 2014 and was immediately hooked on this medium.

However, I have been a landscape painter for over 20 years.

Since a few years ago, I started getting a lot of requests to hold courses, but since there has been neither time nor space for me, I have left that job to other talented artists.

But when, before 2020, I moved to a farm with a larger area and a more comfortable studio, I am very happy to finally be able to hold courses for larger groups. Recently, I have also visited other places to hold courses.

NOW.... A FEW YEARS LATER I am in Thailand and have the opportunity to offer courses here as well.

We will mainly concentrate on landscape painting. With a focus on water.

The goal of the course is to get the participant to deepen their knowledge and develop it together with my practiced techniques and knowledge that I have accumulated over many years of painting.

I have always prioritized an important part in my painting. Credibility. I want my participants to gain more insight into that. And of course I want to teach the secrets behind my water lily motifs.

Course programme 1 day: Mon - Tue

We will start the day with a review of which colors I use. How I want to use them to bring out the best light. I will teach you how to use masking fluid best. And why I prefer a water sprayer for every painting. and also how I prefer to blow on the painting without a hair dryer.

We will soft start with water reflections and its color scales which I think are most important to find the believability.

The reason I want to paint on torn paper is because I don't want to tape the edges. I want us to give the painting the chance to appear on the whole sheet. Just a tip.

We will test only a few colors that I think are most necessary and see the differences between coarse and fine grain.

I will show how to easily tape and broken brushes.


The challenge is still water but we will delve into my techniques of painting water lilies. Shadows and proportions.

We will also go through the best and easiest way to get the right shine and shimmer in water reflections.

I will also show some great techniques to get you comfortable with Forest & Landscape as well.

Lots of little tricks and tips how to make your painting look believable and I'll share some winning details that will make you stand out from the crowd. We will also talk about theory, I will tell my story and how I managed to fit into the establishment.

We use 5-6 colors and paper is still Saunders Waterford & Arches 300 gr

We end the course with feedback, questions, tips and ideas.


Materials included in my watercolor courses:

Watercolor paper Saunders Waterford & Arches 300 gr  + ALL colours.

Lunch & Coffey is included in the price.

Price: 3500 THB for adults

Price: 1200 THB for children



Questions are answered on

The course fee is binding. No refund. But you can reschedule the date and take the course at another time.

Course participants per occasion: 8.


In the registration, you write which course session you wish to attend Name + phone no.

PAYMENT IS MADE ON SITE. CASH IN THB. (bank transfer is also possible)

Myren Ångermanland 76x50cm

Registration is made to:

You will receive payment instructions when contacting us by email and at the time of booking.

Contributions & Donations Swish 070-533 23 99

Skymning Vallsjön 46x42cm


Magnus Lidén

" Peter's course was very inspiring. He is a humble and educational teacher who offers himself and opens up his beautiful home to his participants. The course is skillfully structured step by step and I really recommend the course to everyone.

Marie-Louise Eriksson

" It has been a very good course. Very nice layout where you can see how to build step by step and also in terms of color how to think. Peter is simple in his way of teaching and fantastic at seeing each individual on their own level Two great days!

Sanna N

" As a self-taught hobby painter, I was very nervous about this course because I admire Peter Eugen's painting very much. Will I be able to do this?

But everything was above expectations.

Very clear briefings

No deeper prior knowledge was required in terms of concepts, names and properties of colors, paper or brushes, etc

It was very easy to absorb the teaching, which took place step by step so that everyone followed along.

You took a lot home to grind on.

Peter has a very humble way of teaching and invites the course participants to his home for a weekend.

Must add that it is a fantastic house that just has to be seen. "

Tina Nordin

" Thank you for an inspiring and educational course with wonderful subjects in a wonderful environment. You show and share tips and tricks in a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand way. Can highly recommend your courses!"

Brahma Kerstinsdotter

"Thank you for a wonderful course. You offer so much of yourself and are a good pedagogical teacher. I had a great time. The bonus was getting to go with my son, Pär Olert.

Dare to experiment more with wet on wet and thick paper. You also conveyed to be careful with the light.

Also learned that if I'm not happy with the whole painting, I cut it to a smaller one. Having fun while painting.

Would love to come back"

Margaretha H

" Peter's course was not only professional and educational, he really offered himself and had an easygoing and humble attitude. you felt welcome and special in a fantastic environment. A fun and valuable course by Sweden's next top artist"

Jimmy Ekman

"I found Peter's course on instagram as I followed him there, having painted a lot before and liking his style and motifs I saw the opportunity to bring creativity to life while in need of tips on good techniques on how to paint living water and landscape.

I found the course very educational and at the right pace, we were a happy bunch on site and I think everyone was really happy with the outcome of the days and Peter's natural way of sharing his knowledge in painting and experiences from exhibitions he had over the years. After the course, I have painted more than I have done in the last 15 years, so for me it was really successful! "

Carina Mörn

"Thank you, Peter, for a great watercolor course!

Your amazing painting inspired me to take your course even though I am a beginner.

Difficult to include everything I experienced, but I learned an incredible amount during these days.

Your fine pedagogy with a great layout and personal feedback as well as interesting, informative demonstrations of how to build up a watercolor painting step by step, gave me such inspiration that I started painting daily when I got home.

The course was also held in a fantastic environment with super nice people. Now I'm waiting for the next course"

Cecile Hanson

"I was very satisfied with the whole course. A lot of good advice, both when you showed and while we were having coffee while waiting for the watercolor to dry. I have used the knowledge when I have painted "my own". For example, I hardly thought that the water was darker in kind of a half circle when you said it. It gave a good effect though. Later I studied the color of the water and you were sooooo right!

Thanks for everything "

Lennart Kåge

" Can really recommend this watercolor course. Been to a few courses before but this one was something extra. Easy and good tips. Nice environment and inspiring. Traveled from Finland just for this course and it was worth every mile. Would love to come back again soon "

Lisbeth Brønnum

"Thank you so much for a warm welcome and for a fantastic course. You are both skilled and educational. It's fun to participate in your course. You generously offer your very own tips and ways of working. It was also a pleasant experience to stay with you and your family.

A unique course in a unique environment "

Suzanne B

"The world's best course by the world's best artist"

Stellan Gregersson

"I can warmly recommend this watercolor course, not only because it is educational and inspiring, but also because of the many interesting conversations with, and hospitable treatment from the artist himself."

Lottie Svensson

"10 plus out of 5 possible "

Ingrid Wangdahl

"Go on the course! Been there and am very satisfied. Skilled teacher and artist and nice!

Do not hesitate"

Anneli Kaas

"I am so grateful to have been able to hang out with you on a course for two days. Relaxed, hospitable and so inspiring. Very educational.

And so very nice, so is the family"

Jenny Petersen

" Live in Trondheim but the trip to Stockholm was worth every penny. After 20 years I have finally got my painting joy back. have seen peter's paintings in Norway and fell in love with the harmonious and beautiful water lily paintings. Finally I got help, tips and challenges that I dared to do. Highly recommend a course with Peter Eugén. The next great watercolor artist"


Very fun course. I give top marks for Peter's professional attitude, yet humble, helpful and a humorous person. The course contained many elements, but works for beginners as well. Very happy "

Thomas Holm

"Thank you Peter for a great course!

Two days of inspiration and learning in a wonderful 18th century environment. Peter is full of enthusiasm, inspiring and committed course leader who shares his knowledge and experiences.

Excellent course highly recommend! "


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