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"Peter is one of the most exciting and talented artists right now, who has with his 40's exhibitions around Sweden and abroad, established themselves remarkably among artists"

Peter Eugén Nilsson's paintings give us the privilege of immersing ourselves into other people's emotional life. And the farther into the portrait painting, Peter comes and for his models, the more his interest in the movement, expression, the small details of the characters is evoked.

There he makes personal studies of our contemporary icons. In his expressive art, he picks out the characteristics that we consider to be associated with the individual's personality or attributes. It will be an imaginative reflection of empathy and passion.

Until he suddenly by a splash of paint, an unfinished passage, unexpected illustration or by letting the paint flow the longest painting stop the illusion of realism. This is where Peter Eugén Nilsson takes the viewer into the refined field of the pop art and leaves us there, captivated by these portraits, caught forever and forever "

Peter Eugén Nilsson was born in 1978 and raised in Sundsvall. Since 2007 he is resident and active in Stockholm. He started his artistry as a natural painter, but after moving to Stockholm, he focused more on the portrait painting.

Are nature painters basically and converted to the so-called. Pop Art 2008. Peter's art is mainly about two important points in inspiration, which always goes apart but at the same time complements each other. city ​​and countryside.

Peter is the artist who constantly realizes his view of strong characters and personalities both in an imaginative and imaginative world, but also in some cases a tough, fair and realistic view, an admiration of how it can be created, but with empathy and self minds, he puts his own style and feelings on the motives. Light.

In 2014, he tested the watercolor painting and got stuck. When he had never tried the watercolor painting or could refer to the art style, his sources of inspiration became watercolors such as Lerin, Zoladz, Bernström and Zorn. Now, Peter combines watercolor painting with pop art and mixes his art on exhibitions. His watercolors are sought after and give a wonderful, dramatic and beautiful sense of his growing up in the Northern sweden. Recently, he has begun to find his own character on the watercolors and the water lilies have become his hallmarks. The paintings are popular in the Swedish auction houses and have been attracted to Sweden's largest auction companies and galleries.

For current exhibitions / newsagents you can check the newsflow on the website or contact Peter for more info.