Is active artist since 2001 and runs the company Creative Arts Af Eugén Peter Nilsson and furniture design firm PubART

"Peter is one of the most exciting and talented artists right now in his gengre who have their 40 exhibitions around Sweden and abroad has established itself noticeable worth among art people"

"Peter Eugén Nilsson's paintings give us the privilege to immerse ourselves in other people's emotions. And the further into the portraiture Eugén Nilsson will and for their models, the more awakened his interest in the people's movement, expression, the small details that give the people their own unique manifestation - Ö̈gonblicksbilderna.

Until he suddenly through a splash, an unfinished passage unexpected illustration or by letting the paint flow at the painting put up the illusion of realism. This is where Peter Eugén Nilsson takes the viewer into pop art refining chips and leaves us there, enthralled by these portraits, trapped in an eternal moment "

Peter Eugen Nilsson was born 1978 and raised in Sundsvall. Since 2007 he lives and works in Stockholm. He began his artistic career as a nature painter, but after moving to Stockholm he focused more towards portraiture, although, as he says with a smile, rather looking at a landscape motive than a portrait.
The view of the lake, where he sits in his skiff, forest idyllic and captivating famous unit in an illuminated scene images Eugén Nilsson take home with them, and with oil and akryll recreate these scenes of brilliance for his photographic memory

Is nature painter in the foundation and converted into the so-called. Pop in 2008. Peter's art is mainly about two important points when it comes to inspiration, which constantly differ greatly, yet complementary. town and countryside.

Peter is the artist who constantly realizes his vision of strong characters and personalities both in an imaginative and picturesque world, but also in some cases a hard, fair and realistic assessment, an admiration of how it can be created, but with empathy and self thinking as he sets his own style and touch on the subjects. Bright, bold colors and sudden splash / combinations.
All the paintings are made of acrylic, with the exception of oil.

In 2014, he tried on watercolor painting and became stuck. Now combine Peter watercolor painting by pop art and blends its art exhibitions. His watercolors are coveted and gives a lovely, dramatic and beautiful sense of his upbringing in the northern mountainous areas. The paintings are very popular in the Swedish auction houses and has been alerted of the largest auction houses and galleries.

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